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I'm trying to build the biggest, baddest, most comprehensive review site for U.S. casinos! To do that...

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So give the big orange "Casino Reviews" button a push and leave us with your reviews and insights about the casinos you visit. I want to hear the good, the bad and the ugly!   I believe that we all need a place to research where to spend our time and hard-earned money!  If you think so too - I'd love to hear what you have to say!

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Money Management 101 - The "B-I-D" System

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From the Queen Not enough can be said on this topic when it comes to gambling. It is the single MOST important aspect of any casino trip you take. Lady Luck is fickle and never plays favorites for any length of time. So whether you already have millions or are just barely “getting by” know this… the casino can and
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bankrupt you if you aren’t smart about managing your money.

There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of sites on the internet selling “money management systems” to gamblers – almost all of which are focused on giving the player an “edge” over the house. Usually these programs are quite complicated and geared specifically towards cards, craps, or roulette players. They deal with what to bet, where to bet, and when to bet….. odds, percentages, and frequencies. The complicated nature of these systems is enough to make the average gambler’s eyes glaze over.

I also use a system, albeit much, MUCH simpler. It’s called the BID system, it’s common sense and it’s FREE! In fact, I’m sure a lot of you use a similar system and don’t even realize it.


1. Break It Down By Keeping Your Money Separate!

Keep your gambling money separate from you household funds. A trip to the casino should NEVER, NEVER – NEVER come before paying your bills. Did I say NEVER?! I mean NEVER! It may be a no-brainer, but it bears repeating a million times over.

A jaunt to the casino is supposed to be ENTERTAINING. There is nothing entertaining about driving home defeated – unsure of where to get the money to pay the mortgage. There is nothing entertaining about dealing with bill collectors and there is nothing entertaining about feeling hopeless. Keep your trips to the casino entertaining by keeping your money separate. This one hint is worth more than any other of the others combined.

On a limited income you say? Nothing extra at the end of the month you say? The answer to this one is easy. Find another source of income. Everyone has a talent or skill that others lack. Whether you can baby sit, make crafts for a local consignment shop, fix an engine, or do gardening……… chances are, you have a skill that you’re not capitalizing on. Or maybe you’re throwing your extra nickels and dimes into the general household fund out of convenience – don’t. Plain and simple….. Give yourself a slush fund that is dedicated to having fun.

My fund is a conglomeration of a little here and a little there…. earned by doing odd jobs like babysitting, shoveling sidewalks, garage sales, house-sitting, and such. This little technique has paid for every vacation our family has taken in the last 20 years. It also prevents backlash – there’s nothing uglier than a ticked off spouse wondering where the car payment went. It’s simple and it works – Keep Your Money Separate!

2. Break It Down Farther

Decide before you go – exactly how much money from your slush fund you plan to bring. Whether it’s $50.00 or $500.00…….. give yourself a limit and leave the rest at home. If you are going on a gambling vacation…. Break the amount you plan to spend on gambling into separate envelopes for each day.

You remember envelopes don’t you? The budget keeper of every fresh-faced 18-year-old, learning to live on their own. An envelope for the heat bill, one for the rent, one for the groceries…. It’s a time honored technique for making a little go a long way.

Take for example a 5-day trip to Las Vegas….. You’ve budgeted $1000 for gambling, or $200.00 a day. Separate that into 5 envelopes… 1 for each day. At the end of day one… put the money you have left or any winnings for that day -back into the envelope. DON’T TOUCH IT AGAIN FOR THE REST OF THE TRIP!

Do the same thing with Day 2, 3, 4, & 5. Never mix one day’s money with the next, and never “dip into” the previous day’s money. This gives you a much better chance of taking some money home with you. It also helps give you some “seed” money for your next trip.

3. Break It Down – All The Way

Once in the casino, visit the cashier’s cage to break down your funds even further. I like $5.00 bills because I usually play the “pennies”.

One thing I’ve noticed is that no matter what casino I visit… if a machine isn’t going to “play with me” on $5.00 or $10.00…. it’s time to move. Later on in my life, I learned that same bit of sage advice from the mouth of a Chief, and I believe it. Every major win I have ever had came within the first 5 minutes of sitting down. I’m not sure why that is, but this one thing I know for sure… I’ve never won anything substantial by sitting on a “cold” machine for hours on end.

Don’t take my word for it…give it a try and see for yourself whether or not it’s true. The whole point of going to the casino is to have a good time and maybe take home more than you came with. The key to that is good money management.
When it comes to a gambling budget – Break It Down…..don’t break the bank.

As Always - May You Be Blessed With Triple Sevens!!!
The Queen

Posted by thequeen on Monday, February 18 @ 23:42:47 EST (1946 reads)
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Romancing The Reels

From the Queen When it comes to slot machines... we all have our favorites don't we. Whether it's the roar of the 50 Lions or the clunking stops of the 3 reel Sizzling 7's. - it's hard to deny the draw of your favorite machine.

Chances are, your favorite became that way because of a win. Indelibly marking itself on your psyche in such a way that it calls to you - like a lover - the moment you walk through the door.

Maybe it was a large flashy win, like a knight in shining armor with great hair and a dazzling smile whisking you off your feet. The kind of win that stops your heart - just for a moment - before it starts beating wildly in your chest, cheeks flushed. It could just as easily have been a few small wins, consistant and reliable - like an attractive neighbor who shovels your walk as an act of random kindness - but it happens so often that it makes you wonder.

For whatever reason - whatever size of the win - a certain machine becomes your favorite. You seek it out when you first step foot into the casino. It doesn't even matter if you are in the same casino where you first met your favorite. Like an entire family of handsome brothers or sexy sisters, you believe that they are all as well endowed as the first. That is where the dance begins....the parlay of give and take. Believe it or not - a casino is a smokey, dimly lit singles bar of sorts, and the currency is communication and cash.

Just like a real date, it starts out sweet enough - pulling up a chair, ordering a drink, getting comfortable. Where it goes from there is anyone's guess. How many folks have you seen speaking sweet nothings to their machine!? Hell, I'VE done it! "C'mon baby - be good to momma" - stroking the payline lovingly to "help" the numbers line up. If the machine decides to pay back a few coins - I call it "small talk". This is usually the point where you re-adjust your chair, light a smoke if you smoke, and get "into" the game. You feed the machine in credits or coin, and it feeds you with the highs and lows of bells, clicks or bonus rounds. I'm sure the slot programmers know this is the ultimate in gaming "feedback".

What other games speak to you directly and ask you to "touch" them? And by touching the right spots - you are rewarded. But by touching the "wrong" spots you are "punished". Like a man coming on too strong on the 1st date, the bonus round ends with the wrong "touch" and you go back to the small talk.

Occasionally you will see people who are completely invested in a machine, maybe it's happened to you. This is where things can get ugly. You 've sat too long at one machine, and poured more money into it than you really intended to. That's when the negotiating begins...."Please Baby, one more bonus round", "I promise I'll leave if you just give me a little something". It's a sad slow decline to a beautiful relationship. A few more minutes of the cold shoulder, and a few more spins of not getting your needs met and you start to call your beloved machine names. The term "money-grubbing bastard" or "tight *****" signals the end of the romance.

A long line of colorful epithets can often be heard around a casino. The mumbled cuss words of a thousand divorces. At this point you have to face facts - the machine you "dated" is not the machine you thought it was. You gave it all you had - your time - your money - your loyalty - only to be tossed aside and taken for a ride. How many real life divorces have you heard described that way?! The writers of science-fiction know NOTHING when it comes to affairs of the heart between man and machine.

The funny thing is, just like a real relationship, we have a tendency to "forgive" our favorite machine. Trying it the next time we go to the casino, just in case it was having a "bad day". Oh what fickle hearts we have!

As a tried and true slots player - you've felt the call of the dance before. The dazzling allure of lights, cash, and sounds that bring us to the casino again and again. With bills in our pocket and stars in our eyes - we seek out "our" machine. The one that made us feel like a million bucks - even if it only paid out $40.00
Tell me about your "favorite" machine and how and why it became your favorite.... I'd love to hear!

As always.... May You Be Blessed With Triple Sevens!!!
The Queen
Posted by thequeen on Thursday, February 14 @ 22:45:45 EST (1585 reads)
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·Money Management 101 - The "B-I-D" System
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Romancing The Reels